Market Presence

Increase Market Share

Identify lost placements/voids, accounts and products at risk, and new placement opportunities. Ensure that every placement opportunity is properly maintained and optimized for profitable sell through.

Reduce Lost Placements

While out in the trade at customer locations, your teams can use Margin Minder’s mobile apps for iOS and Android to quickly bring up lists of products that are authorized for sale, yet have not been purchased in the last week, two weeks, month, etc.

Answer the important questions:

  • How many customers have we lost?
  • Who were those customers?
  • Which products did they stop buying? Can and should they still buy them?
  • What is the resulting loss in these sales?

Ensure Successful New Product Rollouts

With consumers so resistant to change, less than 3% of new product launches succeed. Margin Minder provides the insight into market penetration that helps you manage the product life cycle and make the decisions and corrections either to move your product launches into the success column, or remove a product from your line-up.

  • Inspect new product penetration and trial by territory, channel and store
  • Discover which customers are consistently buying your product, not buying it regularly or haven’t tried it at all
  • Trend customer purchases — and compare buyers and non-buyers — over time
  • Identify which SKUs are traited but not actively being purchased, and by which stores.
  • Chart Future Valid Items by SKU to identify new placement opportunities early