Price Optimization

Tune Your Deals for Perfect Performance.

  • Invoice Discounts
  • Deal Timing
  • Product Mix

Margin Minder® shows graphically how profits and growth are affected by promotional discounting, deal duration, frequency, and product mix. Sales managers can optimize SKU mix and display inventory for maximum sell-down, minimum overstocking and minimum category cannibalization.

Margin Minder® shows when a product is priced too low for profit, too high for volume or too frequently to keep the consumer’s interest for each customer or store location.

Visualize phenomena such as lift, price elasticity, product cannibalization and consumer demand erosion; then drill down further to expose behaviors of outliers and anomalies. Margin Minder lets you quickly locate those short lists of problems and opportunities to act on immediately and monitor continuously.

Take back another nickel!

Bring in off-the-invoice trade spending information to get one step further to seeing true profitability!

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