Product Portfolios

Control SKU Proliferation.

Know when it’s time to get rid of the “dogs.”

How many of your products are taking up space and not earning their keep? In a typical inventory, the lower 40% of SKUs may bring in less than 3% of sales volume, and even less in profit. The manual methods for identifying low performing SKUs are burdensome, time consuming, and not conducted often enough. But, the SKU rationalization process doesn’t have to be painful.

Remove the old process burdens

With Margin Minder, time constraints are eliminated, and portfolio optimization can be done on a continuous basis. The analytical method is based on financial and volume performance as well as specific rules for retention, such as “must carry,” “early stage” and others.

Are new products making you money?

Track the effects of new products on category performance and see how much a new product is really worth. Easily see which products can or can’t support their carrying, distribution and marketing costs.

Margin Minder lets you see more quickly how all of your products are performing, so you can adjust product mix to increase volume, avoid cannibalism and improve profitability. Within a few clicks, you can view actual transaction data from multiple customer or product categories to spot outliers, and drill down for deeper insight into problems or opportunities.

  • Customize your portfolio for each unique customer segment
  • Track the effects of new products on other brands and packages within the same category
  • Discover which products help or hurt the over-all mix, and how
  • Reveal over- and under-performing product and customer groups, and ask “why”
  • Identify products for possible deletion