Improving Value and Growing Customer Loyalty with Margin Minder

Richie Morgan shows how North State Grocery improves value and grows customer loyalty with Margin Minder, part of Salient’s Retail Analytics Solution.


Richie Morgan, CEO of North State Grocery, showed how an independent grocer in today’s competitive retail landscape can gain a competitive advantage over much larger competitors when you incorporate customer loyalty insights into Margin Minder.


North State Grocery identified $112,703 in lost sales over a 26 week time frame. In just 16 weeks lost sales were increased by $116,138 through efficient promotional planning.


Sales were down $288,492. With Margin Minder, NSG identified the customers that did not return. After promoting to the targeted group from Margin Minder, sales were up +$260,368.


Peet’s Bulk Coffee was in the process of being discontinued. Margin Minder provided North State Grocery with the visibility to narrow the number of letters and coupons being sent out from 5,102 Peet’s Coffee Customers to 421 Peet’s Bulk Coffee Customers.

Richie Morgan
President, North State Grocery, Inc.
Board Member of the National Grocers Association

We believe we can see things other grocers can’t see.

Margin Minder is so fast and so easy to use that you’re not afraid to take a chance, because you know you’ll be able to see what the results of every decision are and make corrections on the fly.

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