Improving Value & Growing Customer Loyalty

Salient’s Margin Minder® places the information in the hand of the user, giving them the ability to understand complete truths.

Richie Morgan, NGA Board Member and CEO of North State Grocery, showed how an independent grocer in today’s retail landscape can gain a competitive advantage over much larger competitors when you incorporate customer loyalty insights into Margin Minder.

$100,000 in sales recouped with effective promotional planning.
Precision targeting leads to $250,000 turnaround in sales.
Loyalty data leads to efficient couponing campaigning.
Margin Minder helps identify at risk customers after product replacement.

Richie Morgan
NGA Board Member
President, North State Grocery, Inc.


We believe we can see things other grocers can’t see.

Margin Minder is so fast and so easy to use that you’re not afraid to take a chance, because you know you’ll be able to see what the results of every decision are and make corrections on the fly.