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Keeping Up With Scaling Up


  • Through expanding from beer distribution to also include wine and spirits, territory expanded by 1100%
  • Product portfolio grew to more than 2,500 SKUs
  • Sales staff grew from 5 to 50 people
  • Needed to properly forecast inventory demand.


  • Implemented Salient Dashboards to connect all sources of data and trained managers to discover what they needed to know.
  • Worked with Salient to develop a custom forecasting model to streamline logistics.
  • Trained sales staff to use Salient Dashboards to utilize information and get answers on demand.


  • Doubled sales since implementing Salient Dashboards.
  • Reduced out of stocks by 40%, lowered daily supply average by 25%, cut freight costs by 15%.
  • Clear visibility of cost per delivery, route efficiency, profitability per stop
  • Managed scaling up of inventory without adding staff.

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I’ve seen no better software than Salient with the ability to show the outliers and answer what is going on.