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Scan-Based Trading Shrink Waste


  • Bimbo Bakeries USA faced unprecedented growth with a big presence in SBT (Scan-Based Trading) after they acquired Sara Lee’s baking.
  • As the largest vendor, BBU had to effectively manage more than 10,000 routes on the streets to over 100,000 retail customers and 60,000 food service customers in a way that allows them to continuously increase efficiency.
  • BBU had multiple route systems that needed to be consolidated and optimized after their sizable acquisitions.
  • Bimbo needed a way to educate their organization due to the lack of understanding of Scan-Based Trading within the company and how to minimize the waste from it.


  • BBU Implemented Salient’s Margin Minder in order help manage waste that came along with SBT.
  • Margin Minder provided BBU with accessible, easy to use, flexible data analysis to effectively manage.
  • Deployed a large scale training to understand the system and SBT that allowed BBU to create and implement basic user guides as well as customized training manuals for different roles throughout the enterprise.


  • BBU is now able to present calculated shrink based on SBT, directly related to profit and loss.
  • Gained valuable insights that uncovered areas of waste and fraud that were quickly converted to savings.
  • Empowered sales managers and directors to obtain insights.
  • Within 10 minutes, they identified six problems (three of large magnitude) that they weren’t aware of.

Download this free case study to learn more about how Bimbo Bakeries uses Salient to improve their decision making.

“Let me give you something that will give you your answers in the least amount of time and the least amount of effort.”

Dean Aiello, Director of Finance, BBU