Optimize Promotion Pricing, Locations and Timing

Pricing is one of the key levers for increasing customer value and maximizing profitability. Discounts and promotions can certainly move more product, but do they produce the long-term results that are good for your business?

By matching survey and third-party price-to-consumer information with your own POS data, Margin Minder for Retail shows at a glance — for each store and/or store attribute — when a product is priced too low for profit, too high for volume, or too frequently to keep the consumer’s interest.

  • Discover the best price point for any brand or product SKU.
  • Offer promotions at the most effective frequency.
  • Measure any promotion’s effect on regularly-priced products.
  • Track promotional efficiency for any product SKU over time.
  • Find performance outliers by price, volume, margin or any other measure.
  • Master timing for feature ads.
  • See product flows and profitability shares by vendor.
  • De-list losers sooner to eliminate unnecessary inventory and mark-downs.