Margin Minder for Retail

As analytics software purpose-built for fast-paced retail operations, Margin Minder is specifically designed to deliver the instant answers that help your store and category managers, merchandisers and buyers make the decisions that maximize profitability down to the store, department, shelf, facing and square inch. It’s everything your professionals need for more efficient buying, selling and promotion management.

Optimize Promotion Pricing, Locations and Timing

Optimize Promotion Pricing, Locations, and Timing

Pricing is one of the key levers for increasing customer value and maximizing profitability. Discounts and promotions can certainly move more product. But do they produce the long-term results that are good for your business?

With Margin Minder, you’ll know instantly.

By matching survey and third-party price-to-consumer information with your own POS data, Margin Minder shows at a glance — for each store and/or store attribute — when a product is priced too low for profit, too high for volume or too frequently to keep the consumer’s interest.

  • Discover the best price point for any brand or product SKU

  • Offer promotions at the most effective frequency

  • Measure any promotion’s effect on regularly-priced products

  • Track promotional efficiency for any product SKU over time

  • Find performance outliers by price, volume, margin or any other measure

  • Master timing for feature ads

  • See product flows and profitability shares by vendor

  • De-list losers sooner to eliminate unnecessary inventory and mark-downs

Fine-tune Category Management

Fine-tune Category Management

Margin Minder correlates invoice data, scan records, cost of goods, vendor rebates, plan-o-gram data and more to help you optimize space, increase sales volume within your category and accelerate inventory turnover. In seconds, you can see a complete picture of net profitability by day, individual SKU or unit of facing or floor space. Drill down for further insight, or roll up any grouping to look at performance by vendor, department, store or territory.

With Margin Minder, previously hidden or latent information becomes immediate and actionable:

  • Product movement and actual profit-to-space ratios

  • Promotional event profitability and cannibalization within product line or category

  • P&L, ROA, ROE even EVA down to the store, department or SKU/vendor level.

Allocate Space Most Effectively

Allocate Space Most Effectively

Are your top sellers getting the facing they deserve? Are facings in general in line with revenue? Are all your stores following the most effective planogram? Margin Minder correlates facing and overall layout to correlate space allocation to sales and show you where changes could maximize revenue and profit per square foot.

  • Monitor allocation of SKUs by store

  • Spot trends and possible problems

  • Correlate causal changes in shelf space or position with changes in volume, revenue, cost or margin

  • Monitor days on hand and out of stocks

  • Identify opportunities for increased sales

  • Optimize product turns

Track Loyalty Program Results

Track Loyalty Program Results

Margin Minder draws on census and loyalty card information to show if sales results are coming from the customers, territories or stores that are getting your marketing dollars.
Optional Geo-spatial analytics let you see the facts from many geographical perspectives: all customers at once, by demographics such as income level, gender, ethnic group, by location such as county or zip, or by sales characteristics such as customers whose purchases represent significant profit. Choose the performance criteria important to you, then instantly map locations that pass or fail. Or drill into specific areas or even individual locations for deeper analysis.

Optimize Labor

Optimize Labor

Bring in time-and-attendance data and employee performance metrics and Margin Minder can help managers optimize scheduling and improve associates’ productivity. Margin Minder correlates store traffic, volume and revenue with employee head count, hours and payroll costs, enabling managers to match skill sets with shift needs to assure the right staffing for traffic, promotions and seasonal changes. And by comparing total and average sales, as well as shrink, to associates on duty and hours worked, managers can identify top performers and those who need improvement.

Get More Value Out of Your Traffic

Get More Value Out of Your Traffic

Turning browsers into buyers is one of the toughest challenges in retail. Margin Minder can integrate traffic and ring counts with transactional data to determine conversion rates and provide immediate insight into the relationships of traffic to labor, volume and profit.
Margin Minder can show you which stores have your lowest conversion rates and what else might set them apart from your more successful locations. Will a change in signage, promotions or layout get shoppers to spend more money? Are there opportunities for cross-selling? Margin Minder reveals connections and possibilities you might not otherwise see.

Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Margin Minder inventory tracking delivers new insight at every stage of product flow from supplier to consumer. It automatically computes ratios of inventory and supply chain constraints to volume and turn, helping improve re-stocking and re-order timing. Managers can more easily determine reasons for stocking errors, and make necessary adjustments to achieve maximum supply chain efficiency.
Near-real time data on vendor pricing and variances, on-time performance and fill rates provide continuously up-to-date P&L and net productivity by SKU —information you can use to optimize vendor performance.

Easy Integration of Third-Party Data

The most complete picture of product performance comes from combining current transaction, inventory and invoice data with third-party data sources and services. With simple connections to sources such as D&B, Nielsen/IRI, Census, weather and more, Margin Minder makes integration of third-party data as easy as add and go.


Margin Minder easily integrates with census and demographic data that can provide new perspective and clarity for driving improvements in your markets. If you don’t have the data, that’s no problem. Salient offers a subscription service that maps your ZIP Codes to relevant census and demographic facts.

Retail Link

Master your Wal-Mart relationship with Salient for Retail Link. Our experts can cross-reference Retail-Link feeds to your in-house systems and provide the Margin Minder Dashboards and Desktop Analytics, empowering your managers get instant answers to any business question and drill down for actionable intelligence.

Syndicated Data

Third-party syndicated data can be combined with sales for competitive analysis, to evaluate optimal product mix and to support fact-based recommendations to suppliers.


Is there a connection between weather and sales? Let’s find out. Salient’s Weather Module gathers daily weather updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), letting you connect unstructured precipitation, snowfall, temperature or storm information directly to your revenue. Simply point and click to gain clear insight into how weather affects your bottom line.

By tracking short-duration retailer merchandising and promotion activities — including displays, ads, coupons and price reductions — Nielsen/IRI provides valuable insight in customer behavior to help you make more informed trade promotion decisions.

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